How one is made to feel when cooking is just as important as how the food ultimately tastes. A recipe that inspires confidence, imparts feelings of competence and offers a level of reassurance will be one you return to again and again. Conversely a recipe that assumes knowledge most people don’t have, or one that commands precise timing to the point of being intimidating isn’t one that I’d want to share with you here, let alone one I’d cook myself.

I am acutely aware that trying new things, whether big or small, carries a level of uncertainty, which is why the biggest compliment I could possibly receive is for someone to have cooked one of my recipes. (Even better if they loved it.) When I hear from someone that they’ve tried something from the archives, I am absolutely thrilled to have imparted some level of inspiration or confidence for them to give it a go.

It’s also why I would never share a recipe with you that I haven’t cooked myself, with good results, reliably. I can’t vouch for anyone else’s recipes, beautiful as they look, lest you end up taking me at my word and find yourself cursing me later.

To that end, I hope my recipes, ideas and photos inspire you, whether you’re trying something new or finding your next Old Faithful recipe.

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About the Author

I am a Canadian living in the UK, raised by British parents. This means I love maple syrup and a roast dinner, not necessarily in that order.

All photographs are copyright of the author unless otherwise specified.

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