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Spicy Lentil Tacos

10 minutes from start to finish and you’ve got a fantastic weeknight meal. I use soft, free-standing taco shells because they are easy to stuff all at the same time, but if you’ve got crispy taco shells, flip a couple of egg cartons upside down and rack ’em up that way. Feeds 2 – 3Continue reading “Spicy Lentil Tacos”

Caesar Braised Beef

Flavours of the Great Canadian Caesar are slow-cooked with a brisket of beef. Rich and spicy, and nothing like any beef stew you’ve had before. The Canadian Caesar is the best drink in the world. Kind of like a Bloody Mary, only instead of tomato juice it’s Clamato juice: a briny, salty tomato and clamContinue reading “Caesar Braised Beef”

Preventing Waste with Tomato Paste

Otherwise known as tomato puree. Spoon out heaped tablespoons of leftover tomato paste onto pieces of cling film. Twist the ends of each section like a candy wrapper and store in the freezer.

Broccoli Soup

This is about as simple as it gets, but that’s what makes this soup so delicious. Unlike some of its more calorie-laden varieties (cream of, stilton, cheddar, etc.) you can really taste the broccoli, so this soup feels more like a celebration of its delicate flavour than an austere diet food. (Though it does carryContinue reading “Broccoli Soup”

Thanksgiving Round-Up

I love Thanksgiving. No matter how long I live in the UK, I will celebrate it every year. Surrounded by lots of incredible food and the people you love, and taking a moment to be thankful for something in your life – what could possibly be better?! I’m very lucky to have friends who areContinue reading “Thanksgiving Round-Up”

Gravy SOS

A few last minute tricks to the rescue. Too salty? Add a splash of water, a good grinding of pepper and 1 tsp redcurrant jelly / a squeeze of honey. Lacking depth? Add some Worcestershire sauce and a grinding of pepper. Too thin? Keep boiling it down over a high heat, stirring often. If it’sContinue reading “Gravy SOS”


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