January Reset

This time of year I find myself desperate for some light, nutritious and low-calorie foods. Not out of guilt or obligation – though I do feel I could benefit from some minor restraint – but because at this stage I am genuinely sick of heavy food. I’ve had enough.

(Doesn’t help that Tom and I had to eat almost an entire Christmas pudding ourselves.)

Ultimately, the only way I can truly enjoy eating to excess is when I’m not burdened by its longer-term implications. At Christmastime, I’m genuinely happy to go a bit overboard, safe in the knowledge I will be reining things in in a few weeks’ time.

I like to think of this plan as a sensible approach to enjoyment. In the words of a certain food-obsessed control-freak: Rules help control the fun.

Caroline Feeds will, I hope, offer you a source of inspiration if you too are looking to adopt a less cheese-focused approach to eating this January. No sweeping restrictions, just a bit of help.

And in the meantime, this soup (or this one, or this one), this salad or this dinner may be a good place to start.

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