An Afternoon of Festive Nibbles

All my favourites, rolled into one relaxing and Christmassy afternoon. Dispense with the dinner party this time of year and go in for something much simpler, but by no means less enjoyable.

An afternoon of festive nibbles. Not pictured: cauliflower and truffle soup and aged cheddar

An Afternoon of Festive Nibbles

Sugar & Spiced Nuts
Cauliflower and Truffle Soup
Sliced Baguette
Hard cheese (Gruyère, Aged cheddar or Comté)
Sausage Rolls

One thing all these foods have in common is they are either make-ahead or involve no cooking at all. Get organised and you’ll be able to pull together a joyous afternoon of fabulous food, without breaking a sweat.

Sugar & spiced nuts have, for me, become a non-negotiable seasonal standby, and I promise if you give them a chance they will become a mainstay of your Christmas, too.

Sugar & Spiced Nuts

Cauliflower and truffle soup is an elegant solution for a first course or casual lunch, and feels very special thanks to the hint of luxury from the truffle.

Cauliflower and Truffle Soup

Sausage rolls are the perennial crowd-pleaser: I couldn’t imagine Christmas without them. Make a double batch and bake as needed for a no-notice nibble throughout the festive period.

Sausage rolls

This menu (i.e. selection of festive nibbles) is pleasingly versatile; you can chop and change how and when you serve them to match the tone of the party. Serve everything at the same time for a sort of party-buffet vibe, or spread it out for a more formal (albeit still very casual) afternoon, as follows:

  • Sausage rolls, to nibble with a drink
  • Sit down to bowls of the cauliflower and truffle soup, with a board of sliced baguette, a hunk of cheese and a platter of prosciutto (dispensing with the parmesan crisps from the soup recipe)
  • To finish, sugar and spiced nuts and a bowl of clementines

No matter which way you enjoy these festive favourites, add some wine and Christmas tunes and you can’t fail to give your friends, family and most importantly, yourself, a fabulous time.

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