Caesar Braised Beef on a Bun

For the uninitiated, a Caesar is kind of like a Bloody Mary but with a briny, salty hit. The flavours are bold, rich and spicy, and work amazingly in a beef stew.

I can think of no better way to celebrate Canada Day (albeit from afar, in southern England) than with this patriotic interpretation of beef on a bun.

To make it, work from my recipe for Caesar Braised Beef. If you can’t get brisket, any large chunk of stewing beef or pot roast will do. (After all, you’re shredding it, so you don’t need neat slices.) Cook until the meat is meltingly tender – maybe a little longer than the recipe specifies – and shred into large chunks. Reheat in the rich sauce, then pack into buns with lettuce and a swipe of mayo. Serve with a cold beer.

O Canada, indeed.

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