A Fresh and Colourful Date Night Dinner

A fresh and delicious menu for two. And though I thoroughly endorse this meal as a perfect date night, it would also work really well for four, with hardly any more work to double up.


Broad Bean Bruschetta

Chicken Parmigiana with a Rocket Salad

Chocolate Semifreddo

The broad bean bruschetta is a slightly adapted Jamie Oliver recipe. I follow almost faithfully, but I omit the tarragon and add some salt and lemon zest to the double-podded broad beans.

The chicken parmigiana is a healthy and satisfying meal that looks impressive, but is largely make-ahead. Get organised as early as that afternoon by coating the chicken and keeping it in the fridge. Make the tomato sauce and leave it on the counter until you need it, warming it up at the end. Eat the first course while the chicken is baking for a well-paced dinner.

This semifreddo is rich, dark and sexy, and once prepared, requires no further effort from you other than washing a few raspberries. It can be made as late as the morning of, but a few days ahead is ideal. Make sure to remove it from the freezer a good 30 minutes before serving to ensure you get the silky, soft-set texture that makes semifreddo so fabulous.

2 thoughts on “A Fresh and Colourful Date Night Dinner

  1. This looks amazing, I love chicken parmigiana and am definitely going to try yours. You’ve never steered me wrong. Looking forward to this.

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