Thanksgiving Round-Up

I love Thanksgiving. No matter how long I live in the UK, I will celebrate it every year. Surrounded by lots of incredible food and the people you love, and taking a moment to be thankful for something in your life – what could possibly be better?! I’m very lucky to have friends who are so open to adopting this Canadian tradition. The least I can do is ply them with fantastic food.

Here’s what we ate this year…

Thanksgiving Grazing Table

Thanksgiving Grazing Table

Sausage, apple and sage bites

Cheesy maple leaves

Roasted garlic and goat’s cheese bruschetta

Salted candied nuts

Sweet and salty popcorn

The grazing table was a great way to begin the festivities. Everything was delicious at room temperature so it didn’t matter if people showed up a little later than planned. On the table were piles of small plates and napkins, and people helped themselves through the afternoon. Perfect with drinks and a few games…

The only pumpkins that weren’t edible – I love these little white Cinderella pumpkins

Thanksgiving Dinner

Rolled and stuffed turkey breast joint


Sweet potato and carrot crisp

Roast potatoes

Green beans

Cranberry sauce

Caramelised apple cheesecake with spiced crème anglaise and butterscotch sauce

The stuffing was made from whole wheat seeded bread, bacon, onion, celery, pecans, dried cranberries, apple, sage, parsley, thyme and some sweet sherry. I packed it on top of a 3kg turkey breast joint, rolled it up and tied it with string. Perfection really isn’t required here – it’s amazing how forgiving it is once it’s cooked. Fabulously easy to carve, as well.

Dessert was a caramelised apple cheesecake with spiced crème anglaise and butterscotch sauce. Frankly, it was almost as much work as the rest of the meal combined, but it was really worth it.

The next day we went for a long country walk to blow away the cobwebs and – let’s be honest – work up an appetite for what is arguably the best bit of any turkey-centric holiday: the leftover turkey sandwich.

My leftover turkey sandwich is very specific. In this order:

White sandwich bread


Turkey, dotted with stuffing


Cranberry sauce

Small dots of gravy

Sweet potato and carrot crisp


White sandwich bread

The sandwich must be served with a side of chips (not crisps – we’re in Canada-land here) and a cold beer.

There are no exceptions; no deviations.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a turkey-induced nap to take…

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